Garland Environmental Testing For Real Estate

If you are planning to acquire or develop a parcel of commercial property, then thorough Garland environmental testing for commercial real estate is a step you simply cannot afford to bypass.

ESE Partners is a trusted resource for this, and other environmental concerns. Since opening our doors in 2007, we have worked with clients of all kinds, and belonging to a wide range of industries, in order to help them conquer environmental challenges.

These environmental consulting services include everything from environmental testing for commercial real estate in Garland TX to compliance, mediation and natural resource management services. With a team filled with expert environmental engineers and scientists we are focused on delivering helpful insight to protect:

  • Your project. Skipping out on Garland environmental testing for commercial real estate can mean failing to identify contamination or environmental hazards. This can leave you liable for clean-up and remediation. ESE Partners aims to protect all those who have a stake in a real estate project.
  • Environmental testing for commercial real estate in Garland TX is important in identifying present or potential hazards that can harm people. Testing, like our Phase II environmental site assessments, identifies contaminates and then compares them with regulatory limits and criteria to determine the risk level.
  • The environment. ESE Partners is devoted to protecting the local environment by identifying, managing and eliminating environmental risks.

From asbestos screenings and property condition assessments to Phase I and II ESAs, ESE Partners is equipped and knowledgeable to handle your environmental due diligence needs.

Consult with the team at ESE Partners

With our headquarters in Houston and offices in Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, ESE Partners is ready to provide you with insightful environmental consulting. Through Garland environmental testing for commercial real estate — and other services — we’re ready to responsibly move your business forward!


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