Garland Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

If your business is looking to acquire commercial or industrial property, then the
chances are very high that you will find yourself in need of a Garland Phase 1 environmental site assessment (ESA) in order to identify present or potential environmental hazards.

Here at ESE Partners, we are leaders in environmental consulting, working closely with businesses to help them identify and solve the environmental issues facing their companies. With the help of our environmental experts, you can receive an assessment of your property with information contained in a thorough Phase 1 environmental report in Garland TX.

Who requires a Phase 1 environmental site assessment in Garland TX?

This is generally made mandatory by banks and lending institutions that are prepared to loan money to a client for the purchase of a property.

The institution wants to make sure that there are no environmental hazards or concerns that may render the property dangerous and that they may be responsible to clean up. A Garland Phase 1 environmental report provides the insight and information needed to properly assess the current condition of a property.

Why is it important?

Not only does a Garland Phase 1 environmental site assessment protect a lender, but it also protects the party that is purchasing the property. Through a Garland Phase 1 ESA and Phase 1 environmental report in Garland TX, a buyer can demonstrate that they performed the proper level of due diligence and may be able to negotiate terms of the deal if contamination is found to exist.

Also, by identifying hazards — referred to as Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) — a landowner can work with our staff to find effective ways to remedy the issue.

What does a Phase 1 ESA in Garland TX entail?

For a Phase 1 ESA, the team at ESE Partners will visit and visually inspect the site, comb through its history, interview previous owners and conduct other forms of due diligence in order to determine the environmental risk level.

If we suspect RECs, we can also move forward with a Phase 2 ESA, where we will test for specific contaminants.

Rely on ESE Partners for your environmental concerns and needs

A Garland Phase 1 environmental site assessment is just one of the many environmental consulting services that we provide for companies of a wide range of industries. Lean on our knowledge and expertise and use ESE Partners as a trusted resource for environmental problem-solving.

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