Garland Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment

If an initial test has revealed recognized environmental conditions (RECs) on your property, or a property you’re thinking about purchasing, then connect with the team at ESE Partners and arrange for a Garland Phase 2 environmental site assessment.

We have the knowledgeable and experienced environmental experts required to conduct thorough testing and definitely determine if contaminates or other hazards are present on your property.

What is a Phase 2 environmental inspection in Garland TX?

Environmental site assessments are independent reviews of a property by certified environmental professionals. A Phase 1 ESA, which includes a visual inspection and examination of the property’s history, is designed to identify any RECs that may need further review.

If a Phase 1 ESA does identify RECs, then a Phase 2 environmental site assessment in Garland TX may be in order. Our team will sample groundwater, soil and other media from areas that are potentially contaminated. We test the samples in a lab to determine if contaminants are indeed present.

The results of the Garland Phase 2 environmental inspection are contained in a detailed report, which is turned over to the client.

When is it needed?

A Garland Phase 2 environmental site assessment is generally needed before a commercial real estate transaction can move forward. However, if a Phase 1 ESA does not detect potential for hazards or risk, then a Phase 2 ESA may not even be necessary. The team at ESE Partners can help guide you through the process.

Why is ESE Partners the best resource for ESAs?

When you work with our team for a Phase 2 environmental inspection in Garland TX, the process is administered by experienced professionals that are devoted to making it convenient and insightful for you.

Our reports are comprehensive and can be tailored to your specific needs. Not only that, but our team will work with you to help you interpret the findings of the inspection and determine what your next course of action should be (i.e. remediation, etc.)

Since 2007, ESE Partners has been a trusted resource for Garland Phase 2 environmental site assessment and other crucial environmental consulting needs. Connect with us right now and get answers and insight.

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