HAZMAT Operational Permit for Certain Facilities Located in Harris County

Harris County requires that an operational permit for certain facilities is obtained prior to beginning operations for which a permit is required. The permits ensure that the County has necessary information to safeguard the county from the risks associated with high hazard occupancies. These permits are issued for operations set forth in Sections 105.6.1 through 105.6.50 of the Harris County Fire Code.

Harris County issued a new Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) operating permit, effective January 1, 2020. All new and existing facilities located in Harris County will be required to apply for a HAZMAT permit if they store, transport on-site, dispense or handle hazardous materials in quantities greater than those listed in Table 105.6.20. These permits are required to be renewed annually. The HAZMAT permit covers the following code sections:

  • Aerosol Products (105.6.1)
  • Compressed Gases (105.6.8)
  • Cryogenic fluids (105.6.10)
  • Flammable and Combustible liquids (105.6.16)
  • Fumigation and insecticidal fogging (105.6.19)
  • HPM facilities (105.6.21)
  • LP-gas (105.6.27)
  • Magnesium (105.6.28)
  • Motor fuel-dispensing facilities/ Mobile Re-fueling (105.6.31)
  • Organic coating (105.6. 35)
  • Pyroxylin plastics (105.6.41)
  • Refrigeration equipment (105.6.42)
  • Spraying or dipping (105.6.45)

The following information is required to be provided to Harris County when applying or renewing the hazardous material operating permit.

  • Detailed written description of the on-site operation;
  • Site or floor plan identifying all hazardous materials being stored, including maximum quantity and storage configuration. Also identify hazardous monitoring locations, location of all on-site fire suppression to include fire pumps, ponds, and water supplies;
  • Copy of the emergency plan, compliant with Chapter 4 of the International Fire Code, 2018ed.;
  • Copy of the approved/up-to-date Hazardous Materials Management Plan and Spill Control Plan;
  • Copy of the approved/up-to-date Hazardous Materials Inventory Statement;
  • Copy of the approved/up-to-date Written documentation of operating procedures and procedures for emergency shut down in a safe manner;
  • Copy of the approved/up-to-date Emergency Plan;
  • Copy of all Safety Data Sheets for all products on-site;
  • Conformation that a Process hazards analyses was conducted to ensure reasonably protection of people and property from dangerous conditions involving on-site hazardous materials;
  • Information on type of fire alarm system installed and last inspection date;
  • Information on the installed sprinkler system and last inspection date

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