Houston Asbestos Containing Materials Surveys

Houston Asbestos Containing Materials Surveys

As a known carcinogen, asbestos is an incredibly hazardous contaminate that must be dealt with accordingly, which is why ESE Partners and our Houston asbestos containing materials survey is such an important service.

Here at ESE Partners, we are industry-leading environmental consultants based in Houston and with offices in Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio and Austin. We work closely with businesses and clients of all industries to help them overcome the environmental challenges that they face on their properties.

Among a wide range of services, we offer ACM surveys in Houston TX that are used to scour buildings for this hazardous material, which was used very often decades ago for its insulation and fire-proofing powers. With an asbestos containing materials survey in Houston TX, our team will:

  • Administer a thorough visual inspection of all areas of the building
  • Take samples of materials and analyze them in a lab
  • Determine the presence of asbestos containing materials
  • Develop abatement specifications and design

In addition to our Houston ACM surveys, we provide a wide range of additional asbestos consulting services that will help you address your specific needs. These include everything from management plans, abatement bid solicitation and contractor qualification, air monitoring to operation and maintenance programs.

By working with a team that is updated and in line with state and federal regulations, you can trust that ESE Partners will utilize its Houston asbestos containing materials survey, and other asbestos consulting services, to keep your building safe and up to code.

A trusted name for ACM surveys in Houston TX

Not only does ESE Partners provide helpful, knowledgeable insight into your asbestos issues, but we’re a trusted name for all environmental consulting needs. From initial due diligence work to determine environmental hazards on a property to remediation and industrial hygiene services, we have the knowledgeable staff to provide effective services.

Talk to our team more about scheduling a Houston asbestos containing materials survey and leveraging our many other helpful services. We’re proud to responsibly move business forward through environmental problem solving!