Houston Cultural Resources Management

Houston cultural resources management uses a series of proactive steps that work to protect an area’s cultural resources. These steps include research, planning, and stewardship.



The identification, evaluation, and documentation of cultural resources.



The integration of information into a management plan.



Move forward with plan to preserve and protect cultural resources.

You can define cultural resources as significant places or objects that offer evidence of human activity. This can include structures, landscape, or natural features of significance.


Guidelines for Houston Cultural Resources Management Reports

The State of Texas, through the office of the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) adopts standards and guidelines provides provided by the Council of Texas Archeologists (CTA) for preparation of Houston Cultural Resources Management reports. In CRM reports, standard English is used and specialized technical jargon is typically avoided. When specialized language is necessary, a separate glossary is included. These reports are authored or co-authored by the data collector.

Cultural resources management in Houston TX, may include pedestrian survey, mechanically augmented survey, archival research, NRHP testing, statistical analysis, data recovery, cemetery research and delineation, geophysical survey, and many other phases of work.

The Houston cultural resources management report should provide an academic abstract and management summary. The abstract includes the types of testing and interpretations of cultural resources management in Houston TX. Other items included in the cultural resources report include:

  • Introduction
  • Environmental background
  • Research design
  • Previous investigations
  • Artifact descriptions
  • References
  • Popular reports


Responsible Environmental Reporting

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