Houston Environmental Consultants Developers

Houston Environmental Consultants Developers

If you are someone involved in a real estate transaction or project, then we invite you to connect with the premier Houston environmental consultants for developers and gain valuable insight that comes with decades of combined experience in the industry.

Here at ESE Partners, we’re a full-service environmental consultancy, working with clients of all industries to help them understand and address the environmental liabilities and issues that face their business and operation.

This is especially true for land developers, investors and lenders. Before any of these stakeholders can move forward with a transaction, they’ll want to know that their interests are protected. That’s where our environmental consultants for developers in Houston TX come in handy.

We provide a variety of due diligence services that are effective in identifying and quantifying the environmental liabilities on a property. Our Houston environmental consultants for developers can get involved to help move along a land:

  • Sale
  • Purchase
  • Lease
  • Refinancing

Due diligence is essential. For instance, most lenders will not close on a loan until a Phase I environmental site assessment is conducted on the land. This is one of the most basic evaluations of a property.

If the Phase I ESA reveals Recognized Environmental Conditions, then it can lead to a more thorough Phase II ESA, where we physically test media from the property for traces of contamination.

With the information from our due diligence processes, our environmental consultants for developers in Houston TX are able to advise you on how to move forward if there are liabilities that must be addressed.

ESE Partners — a leading environmental consultant since 2007

ESE Partners delivers rapid response and work that is administered by a talented, professionally diverse staff. Connect with our Houston environmental consultants for developers right now and bring in our expertise for your next real estate transaction.