Houston Environmental Due Diligence Audit

Houston Environmental Due Diligence Audit

ESE Partners is a valuable asset for anyone looking for a Houston environmental due diligence audit. A careful environmental study of a property is paramount before any commercial or industrial real estate transaction.

In fact, many banks and lenders require some form of environmental due diligence audit in Houston TX before they will fund a purchase. A thorough review of a property minimizes the risks and liability for a buyer, and ESE Partners is ready to provide that insight for our clients.

Expert professionals to handle your environmental due diligence services in Houston TX

ESE Partners is a trusted name for, not just environmental due diligence, but a wide range of issues, like compliance, remediation, natural resources, industrial hygiene and more. We work closely with our clients to solve complex environmental issues that may be crippling their operations or projects.

We’re a top choice for Houston environmental due diligence services because we:

  • Offer a variety of inspections and screenings. A Houston environmental due diligence audit can come in many forms — one of the most common and thorough being the Phase 1 or 2 environmental site assessment (ESA). However, we also offer transaction screens, desktop reviews and more.
  • Have completed a long list of audits, providing these past clients with reports that provide insight into the environmental liabilities of their properties.
  • Have expert environmental scientists and engineers on our staff to administer our environmental due diligence services in Houston TX. This multi-disciplined staff is comprised of some of the best and brightest that the market has to offer.
  • Have been providing these, and other environmental consulting services, since 2007. We’ve quickly become one of the leading environmental consultancies in business and put our sterling reputation on the line for each client we work with.

Ask our team about setting up a Houston environmental due diligence audit or learning more about how we can help with other environmental needs and problems. The team at ESE Partners is standing by, ready to hear from you.