Houston Indoor Air Quality Survey

A Houston indoor air quality survey is not only important to make sure building systems are operating as designated or within typical ranges, but also for the health and general wellbeing of employees. ESE Partners can perform an indoor air quality survey in Houston TX that may uncover potential issues so that you can take the action needed or respond to tenant or employee concerns.


The Importance of an Indoor Air Quality Survey in Houston TX

There are a lot of ways you can benefit from a Houston indoor air quality survey. Some of the advantages include:

  • Improved staff morale – If there are problems such as allergens or unpleasant odors in areas of your building, that could make it hard for your employees to want to come to work. Addressing potential or real uses will provide for a greater peace of mind.
  • Increased wellness – An indoor air quality survey in Houston TX will make you aware of potential health hazards so you can make adjustments and provide for increased wellness.
  • Easing compliance concerns – The consequences of non-compliance can be problematic, especially for smaller companies. An indoor air quality survey will show you where issues may exist and provide suggestions and guidance to better improve building air quality


How ESE Partners Can Help

Here’s a brief look at how we typically conduct an indoor air quality survey.

  • We conduct employer and employee interviews to determine how your facility’s indoor air is affecting member of your staff. These interviews will go a long way toward giving us a complete understanding of your specific situation
  • ESE Partners team members will also closely inspect your site for any signs of air quality issues, and look for the sources of any contaminants that may exist.
  • In addition, we will take samples of your indoor air, and our scientifically trained experts will analyze them. The findings of the assessment will be provided in the letter style report that will provide suggested actions to resolve problems that are uncovered.

ESE Partners is ready to take care of your Houston indoor air quality survey efficiently and affordably. Get in touch with our Houston office to learn more.


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