Houston Navigable Waters

Are you a commercial real estate developer or oil/gas company looking for guidance from a leading environmental consulting firm? ESE Partners hires the top engineers and scientists from around the world so our expertise is exceptional. We’re headquartered in Houston, Texas, with offices around the state. Many of our clients have questions about Houston navigable waters and how to stay compliant with current laws and regulations as they build their development projects, including Section 404 permitting.

Consult with ESE Partners Regarding Navigable Waters in Houston TX

When it comes to developing or maintaining environmental compliance on land development projects, ESE is the standout leader. Many development projects in Texas have to take surrounding waters into serious consideration. Streamflow-duration assessment methods (SDAMs) have been developed across America, however, Texas is less clearly defined. We can certainly help with this!

When it comes to due diligence concerning navigable waters in Houston TX, ESE Partners has tremendous experience helping companies. We are always working with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to obtain and provide clarity on water issues for our clients. We know that our clients are looking to avoid any delays due to non-compliance with their building and development projects. It’s our job to apprise our clients of all the latest developments concerning Houston navigable waters and other environmental parameters.

ESE Partners: How Can We Help You?

Any resource extraction company or commercial real estate developer knows there are myriad environmental compliance issues pertaining to their project. Here are four main areas ESE Partners helps our clients with:

  1. Assessment
  2. Remediation
  3. Compliance
  4. Natural Resource and Building Sciences

We can help you with these areas in addition to any questions regarding Houston navigable waters. Any aspect of your project that affects the environment is within your domain. Clearly, many projects have to take surrounding waters into consideration, and it’s our job to help that endeavor with accurate information and guidance. These regulations (sometimes from the EPA) keep our waters safer and cleaner while allowing valuable development to continue unimpeded.

Contact ESE Partners Regarding Houston Navigable Waters Compliance

We know your project cannot afford delays due to lack of current information about compliance with navigable waters in Houston TX.

Call us at 281.501.6100 or email us at houstonsupport@esepartners.com and we will answer your questions promptly.


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