Houston Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

If you are embarking on a commercial real estate transaction and find yourself in need of a Houston Phase 1 environmental site assessment (ESA), then we invite you to consult with our team here at ESE Partners.

We work with a wide variety of businesses to help them conduct comprehensive environmental due diligence in order to protect their best interests and help to avoid liabilities during real estate transactions.

We provide comprehensive ESAs — our Phase 1 environmental report in Houston TX will outline our experts’ professional opinions on the environmental condition of the real estate in question. By digging into the history of the property, and visually inspecting it, our knowledgeable staff is able to provide insight into the present environmental risks.

If ESE’s team identifies a REC in a Houston Phase 1 ESA, we will carefully determine if a Phase II ESA is warranted. We will evaluate the risk of the REC with our clients to determine the next step for the transaction

If your Phase 1 environmental site assessment in Houston TX uncovers Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs), then our team can discuss the risk and potentially further assist you with a Phase II ESA. This involves a more in-depth investigation into the presence of an environmental hazard.

Your real estate transaction could hinge on the findings of a Houston Phase 1 environmental report.

Environmental due diligence is always required in commercial real estate transactions. Banks and lenders find peace of mind after a thorough Houston Phase 1 environmental site assessment shows that a property is free of environmental risks. ESE consults with lending institutions on environmental liabilities associated with past and current uses of commercial properties.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ESE is a trusted resource for due diligence and other important environmental consulting needs. You can trust that when you work with our team, you’re going to get a responsive and comprehensive Phase 1 environmental report in Houston TX.

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At ESE, we are devoted to moving businesses forward through environmental problem solving. And, it all starts at the very beginning with a Houston Phase 1 environmental site assessment. Get started now by connecting with our team for more information.

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