Houston Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment

It’s paramount to recognize the presence of contaminants on a property and a thorough Houston Phase 2 environmental site assessment (ESA) can provide you with this information.

Before purchasing commercial property, or embarking on a land development project, the first logical step is to conduct environmental due diligence. By taking the time to examine a piece of property for hazards or contaminants, you can identify these problems right away instead of being caught by surprise later on in the process.

Here at ESE Partners, we specialize in Phase 1 and Phase 2 environmental inspection in Houston TX. A Phase 2 environmental site assessment in Houston TX is not always necessary. If a Phase 1 ESA does not identify any recognized environmental conditions (RECs) or other cause for concern, then you won’t have to move any further.

However, if Phase 1 of the process turns up findings that require additional study, then our team can move forward with a Houston Phase 2 environmental inspection and subsequent report.

About Houston Phase 2 environmental site assessment

While Phase 1 of the process involves a visual inspection and a historical examination of the property, Phase 2 digs deeper and strives to provide concrete evidence and definitive information that will confirm whether or not a contaminant is present on the property.

Through a Phase 2 environmental inspection in Houston TX, our team will take samples of soil, groundwater, soil vapor and other media to test them in a lab. This will give our team the chance to test for specific contaminants and then compare our findings with regulatory guidelines.

ESE Partners will provide you with an extensive report that can be customized to fit the information you need. Our team will also work closely with you to analyze our findings, determine if further action is required and, if so, help you move forward effectively.

We have been leaders in Houston Phase 2 environmental site assessment since 2007 and continue to strive to provide our wide range of clients with quality, insightful service that they need to solve complex environmental problems and needs.

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