Houston Phase I ESA

Here at ESE Partners, we routinely provide Houston Phase I ESA services for our wide range of clients. Through this independent review and assessment of a property, our environmental experts are able to provide insightful information into potential environmental hazards, which can provide liability protection for a property owner.

ESE Partners uses ASTM standards when preparing a Houston Phase I environmental report and we can tailor the information for each of our clients so that our report touches on any specific areas of concerns.

Why would you need a Houston Phase one environmental study?

If you are looking to acquire a commercial or industrial property, and using a bank or lending institution to get a loan for it, then you’ll likely be in the market for a comprehensive Phase I ESA in Houston TX conducted by qualified professionals.

This form of due diligence is designed to bring to light any environmental issues associated with the property. A bank would likely not want to issue a loan for a property that could be unusable and in need of clean-up.

A Houston Phase I ESA consists of a site visit and inspection in addition to a thorough examination of the property’s history in order to identify what are referred to as Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs).

What is a Phase II ESA in Houston TX?

If a Phase I ESA reveals the potential for contaminates or environmental hazards, then a Phase II environmental report in Houston TX may be in order.

This is a follow-up examination of your property where our team will take media samples to examine in a lab. We scour for different types of contaminants and we compare our results with regulatory limits and criteria.

The results of a Phase II ESA in Houston TX can determine what further action must be taken to address the problem.

Work with ESE Partners, leaders in the industry

At ESE Partners, our headquarters is located in Houston but we also have offices in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. We work with clients that belong to a wide spectrum of industries, helping them to identify and address environmental problems.

A Houston Phase I ESA is a very important component of that effort. We invite you to connect with our team right now and let’s talk about how we can put environmental problem-solving to work for your benefit.


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