Houston Phase One Environmental Site Assessment

If you are looking for a trusted resource to deliver your Houston phase one environmental site assessment (ESA), then we invite you to connect with our dedicated staff at ESE Partners. We provide a comprehensive selection of environmental due diligence services that allow you to identify, quantify and address the environmental liabilities that might compromise your real estate transaction or project.

Our phase one environmental consultants in Houston TX will dig into the history of the property to identify any recognized conditions. The phase one ESA allows us to determine the likelihood of an environmental liability on your property, and if one exists, we can explore the matter more in-depth through a phase two ESA.

The end result of a phase one environmental site assessment in Houston TX is valuable information that will help in your real estate purchase or project. By knowing environmental liabilities, and plotting out a plan to address them, you are able to protect your project and your business interests.

In fact, many lenders won’t close on the a for a piece of property until this matter has been carried out by Houston phase one environmental consultants. It’s essential to protect you and all other stakeholders.

Schedule a Houston phase one environmental site assessment

ESE Partners has been in business since 2007 and now operates offices in Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio. We have assembled a professionally diverse team that specializes in everything from due diligence surveys and inspections to compliance-related issues, natural resource permitting, remediation and more.

Our phase one environmental consultants In Houston TX are knowledgeable, skilled, experienced and we deliver rapid response for competitive rates. We are confident you will have a positive experience working with ESE Partners.

Get started by connecting with our staff and learning more about how you can arrange a Houston phase one environmental site assessment. 

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