Houston Waters Of The United States

The scope of what are considered “waters of the United States,” or WOTUS, under the Clean Water Act changes based on presidential decisions and court rulings. WOTUS, or navigable waters, is likely to change again under the current administration and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) leadership.

Knowing what the currently designated Houston waters of the United States are under the EPA’s definition of WOTUS is crucial for business owners, developers, investors and anyone responsible for a facility’s environmental compliance. That’s why when they need guidance and assistance around waters of the United States in Houston TX, they trust Environmental Science and Engineering Partners (ESE).

Helping Ensure Compliance with Houston Waters of the United States Regulations and more.

The team at ESE includes top-notch, highly experienced environmental engineers and scientists with numerous fields of specialty. We’re committed to choosing the best of the best when it comes to education and training. We’re also committed to providing continuing education to help ensure that our professionals are up-to-date on government regulations, including rules around waters of the United States in Houston TX, and the technology and processes of environmental compliance.

In addition to Houston waters of the United States regulations, our consulting services for waters and wetlands include:

  • Wetland delineation
  • Section 404 permitting
  • Individual permits
  • Nationwide permits
  • Requests for jurisdictional determinations
  • Mitigation monitoring
  • And much more.

Helping Business Move Forward

At ESE, our mission is to help businesses move forward, while helping our clients adhere to the regulations that are in place to protect the water, air, land and wildlife around Houston and surrounding areas, including our waters of the United States in Houston TX.

This often necessitates creative problem solving. Our scientists have the knowledge and experience necessary to find solutions to tough problems so that our clients can finish their project within their budget and time constraints.

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How can we help you with Houston waters of the United States regulations and your other environmental compliance needs? Give us a call at (281) 501-6100 or email us at houstonsupport@esepartners.com. We look forward to joining your project.


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