How To Get An Air Permit Corpus Christi

Learning how to get a standard air permit in Corpus Christi TX isn’t particularly difficult. Going about actually doing it is a completely different story. You’ll more than likely need one if you’re constructing a new facility, or you’re planning to add new equipment to your existing facility, and there will be the potential for emitting pollutants into the atmosphere. But getting it is a very cumbersome, time-consuming process. Let ESE Partners relieve you of that hassle.


Why ESE Partners?

We know how to get a standard air permit in Corpus Christ TX efficiently and effectively. No matter what your timeframe is, we’ll meet it. No matter what your budgetary limits may be, we’ll be able to work with them. While no two application processes are exactly alike, here’s some general information on how our process typically works.

  • Our experts will gather a comprehensive list of all of the processes and equipment that could cause the emission of pollutants. These are commonly referred to as “emission units.” You could be planning to add new furnaces or generators, for example, or you may be integrating new processes, such as sand blasting or spray painting. After we compile this list, we’ll compare it against any potential activities that may be exempt from the permitting application process.
  • Once the compilation is complete, we will then helps you calculate the potential emissions each source may produce. These are, in most cases, the emissions your facility will generate when it’s at maximum capacity.
  • The next step in correctly determining how to get a standard air permit in Corpus Christi TX is to compare the results of the calculation to the appropriate thresholds you’ll need in order to obtain your permit.

We’ll take care of these and many other steps that are necessary in order for you to obtain a standard air permit.


Ready to Learn More?

At ESE Partners, we can show you how to get a standard air permit in Corpus Christi TX in a way that won’t cause maddening delays. Get in touch with one of our offices for more information.

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