How To Get SPCC Plans Houston

If you’ve wondered how to get SPCC Plans in Houston TX, look no further than the experts at ESE Partners. We have years of experience in developing comprehensive, compliant Plans that will ensure your Site is preventing oil discharges from occurring, and to prepare you to respond in a safe, effective and timely manner to mitigate the impacts should an accidental oil discharge ever occur.


A Brief Look at What Goes Into an SPCC Plan

Learning how to get SPCC plans in Houston TX can be challenging. A compliant SPCC Plan will include a wide range of information, including:


  • An inventory of the contents, capacity, location and description of all containers containing oil and petroleum product storage in quantities greater than or equal to 55-gallons;
  • A detailed description of the measures in place, whether active or passive, to prevent accidental discharges from applicable containers;
  • An evaluation of the distance from your facility to the nearest navigable water of the US;
  • A detailed program for spill reporting and spill response in the event of a discharge;
  • A detailed diagram showing all applicable containers, transfer areas, piping and critical spill control structures;
  • A detailed testing and inspection program;
  • And much more.


In short, many requirements go into the development of an SPCC Plan. Not only do you need to know how to get SPCC plans in Houston TX, you will likely also need to have your SPCC Plan certified by a professional engineer (PE). If you fail to either develop or maintain an SPCC plan, or your plan is determined to be inadequate, the penalties could be crippling.


Let ESE Partners Help

We’ve seen too many companies fail to comply with the SPCC regulations simply because they weren’t sure how to get SPCC plans in Houston TX. It is much simpler to reach out to ESE Partners for help rather than face the consequences of being out of compliance. We can take those responsibilities off of your plate so you can continue to move your business forward. Please call the Houston office of ESE Partners to learn more.


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