Irving Environmental Assessment

Welcome to ESE Partners, where we serve our wide range of clients with Irving environmental assessment for land development, in addition to a variety of other important environmental consulting services.

Since opening for business in 2007, ESE Partners has quickly become a trusted resource to face environmental challenges. Whether you need to test your property for contaminates and other problems or devise an effective plan to manage or remediate hazardous materials, our team works to responsibly move your business forward through environmental problem solving.

Trust ESE Partners for environmental assessment for land development in Irving TX

ESE Partners provides clients with environmental assessments that are up to ASTM standards. Through Phase I & II environmental site assessments (ESA), our team of experienced, knowledgeable environmental engineers and scientists are able to provide helpful insight into the hazards and issues facing your property.

What is a Phase I ESA?

This Irving environmental assessment for land development gauges the likelihood of any recognized environmental conditions (RECs).

To complete a Phase I ESA and report, our team will conduct a site review, visually inspect your property and adjacent properties and thoroughly review the history of the land to determine if it is at risk of contamination or other hazards.

What is a Phase II ESA?

If our Phase I ESA identifies any RECs, our team can administer this environmental assessment for land development in Irving TX as a definitive way of confirming whether or not contaminates and other hazards are present on the property.

For the Phase II ESA, our team will collect media samples and test them in a lab. With the information contained in our subsequent report, our team will work with you and help devise an effective plan of action to address any hazards and risks that might be present.

Rely on the experienced, proven team at ESE Partners

Whether you need an Irving environmental assessment for land development, or a trusted resource to help with remediation and compliance issues, we’re here to help. Connect with ESE Partners for your environmental needs.


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