Irving Environmental Testing For Real Estate

Before you move ahead with any commercial real estate project, lean on the experts at ESE Partners to conduct thorough, insightful Irving environmental testing for commercial real estate.

Since 2007, our team of environmental engineers and scientists have put our extensive knowledge and experience to work for clients belonging to a wide range of industries, from oil and gas companies to developers looking to build multi-family housing and more.

Environmental testing for commercial real estate in Irving TX is the crucial first step in any project, providing insight into the environmental concerns associated with your property. Protect yourself, and your project, by working with ESE Partners for environmental due diligence.

Providing Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments

A Phase I ESA is a form of Irving environmental testing for commercial real estate that really captures a baseline for the environmental condition of your property. Our environmental experts carefully assess the property and the potential for hazards and risks.

Through a visual inspection of the property, and surrounding properties, and a close examination of the property’s history, our team is able to determine if there are any Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) that should be further explored.

In those cases, a Phase II ESA will serve as more thorough environmental testing for commercial real estate in Irving TX, taking samples of media like soil and groundwater, testing them in a lab and comparing the results to regulatory limits.

Through these important assessments and tests, you can protect your own best interests in addition to protecting people and the environment from contamination.

Rely on ESE Partners for effective environmental problem solving

Businesses, land developers and individuals often encounter environmental concerns on their properties, or properties they’re looking to acquire. ESE Partners is a strategic partner when it comes to effectively working through those concerns.

Connect with our team right now and let our expert team help you with Irving environmental testing for commercial real estate and other important services.


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