Irving Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

Irving Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

Identify environmental contamination liabilities — or the potential for them — on a commercial or industrial property by connecting with ESE Partners and leveraging a Irving Phase 1 environmental site assessment.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team will go to work providing an insightful, in-depth and independent assessment of your property and compile our findings into a Phase 1 environmental report in Irving TX.

Our team members are looking to identify Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs), which must be further assessed in order to determine if contaminants are indeed present.

Providing a Phase 1 environmental site assessment in Irving TX for all types of properties

Whether a property will be used for anything from multi-family housing to an oil and gas operation, it’s important to identify any potential environmental hazards before moving forward with a transaction. That’s where our Irving Phase 1 ESA service comes in handy, providing clients with a comprehensive assessment of their properties.

We then compile the information and our personal observations into an Irving Phase 1 environmental report that will provide you with answers and insight.

An Irving Phase 1 environmental site assessment is the most effective way to identify contamination liability. Our team is thorough in our efforts, making sure to:

  • Visit the site and provide a visual inspection
  • Review state and federal regulatory records
  • Review the historical records of the property
  • Interview previous land owners

All this information is important for our Phase 1 environmental report in Irving TX, which will help guide your efforts in how to proceed next. If we do identify Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs), our team can conduct a Phase 2 ESA and then work closely with you to help you understand the extent of the contamination and how you can fix it.

Phase 1 ESA in Irving TX

At ESE Partners, we’re proud to responsibly move business forward through environmental problem solving. Our Irving phase 1 environmental site assessment is one way we do that. Connect with our team right now and let’s talk about your environmental consulting needs.