Katy Phase I Environmental Compliance

Katy Phase I Environmental Compliance

Rely on a trusted group of proven professionals for your Katy Phase I environmental assessment — and the other important environmental issues facing your business or project — by connecting with the team at ESE Partners.

Established in 2007, ESE Partners is an industry-leading environmental consultant that provides help and insight on a wide range of areas — from due diligence and compliance-related issues to remediation, industrial hygiene and more.

We boast a multi-disciplined staff that we hired from out of the top 10 percent of environmental scientists, engineers and geologists, ensuring that, when you work with our team, you’re getting skilled work from knowledgeable professionals that will, not only benefit your business, but also the local environment at the same time.

In the market for a Phase I or Phase II environmental assessment in Katy TX?

Environmental due diligence is one area of specialization for ESE Partners. Through a variety of different inspections and screenings, our team is able to identify environmental liabilities on a property. This is crucial before land acquisition or development projects.

The following are some of the due diligence services that we provide.

  • Phase I ESA: A Phase I environmental assessment in Katy TX is where our team visits your property, provides a visual inspection and also sorts through the history of the property to learn more about what it was used for. A Katy Phase I environmental assessment is very effective in allowing our team to identify any recognized environmental conditions (RECs) that may have to be inspected further or otherwise addressed.
  • Phase II ESA: If Phase I raises reason for concern, ESE Partners can proceed with a Katy Phase II environmental assessment, where we will sample soil, groundwater, soil vapor and other media from potentially contaminated areas so that we can test them in a lab and confirm whether or not toxins are present. Our team can go over the results with you to determine what, if any, further action might be required.

Aside from a Phase I and Phase II environmental assessment in Katy TX, ESE Partners can provide other important due diligence screenings, from desktop reviews and pre-drill assessments to asbestos containing material (ACM) surveys.

Our team is able to, not just spot environmental liabilities, but discuss with you the ways in which you can overcome them, and at what expense it might be to you.

A trusted environmental policy consultant in Katy TX for clients of many industries

With our headquarters in Houston, and office locations in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, ESE Partners is ready to responsibly move your business forward through environmental problem solving.

We practice innovation and stress quality, responsive service that is designed to exceed your expectations. Whether you need our Katy environmental compliance services to stay in accordance with federal environmental regulations, or need to address contaminants on your property, we are ready to take an innovative approach to addressing your needs.

Connect with our team. We’re ready to deliver a Katy Phase I environmental assessment, and a wide range of other valuable services.