McKinney Asbestos Containing Materials Surveys

With a McKinney asbestos containing materials survey, the team at ESE Partners will work closely with you to identify, and create an effective plan to manage or remove, asbestos. Our services are designed to protect people and the environment while fully optimizing the value of any project.

ACM surveys in McKinney TX are important before any major commercial building project

Whether you are someone looking to acquire a building or planning a demolition project, it’s important to identify the presence of asbestos. Despite being linked to lung cancer, and having not been used in decades, asbestos is still quite prevalent, especially in older buildings.

Federal, state and municipal regulations take a hard stance on asbestos, making property owners responsible for identifying and managing it. ESE Partners is a valuable resource for such purposes. We can provide a comprehensive asbestos containing materials survey in McKinney TX, which includes a visual inspection and testing material samples in a lab.

These thorough McKinney ACM surveys will identify asbestos and asbestos-containing materials within a building. With this information, you can also work with our team for other asbestos-related services, including:

  • Building surveys and facility inspections
  • Management plans
  • Operation and maintenance programs
  • Development of abatement specifications and design
  • Abatement bid solicitation and contractor qualification
  • Abatement project management and oversight
  • Air monitoring and sample analysis

From the initial McKinney asbestos containing materials survey to developing a winning strategy for your asbestos, ESE Partners helps you conquer this crucial environmental hurdle associated with a commercial property.

Talk to our team about our ACM surveys In McKinney TX and other asbestos consulting services

At ESE Partners, we have environmental experts on our staff that take pride in working with businesses of all industries to take on environmental issues and concerns.

We invite you to work with our team for your McKinney asbestos containing materials survey and a variety of other due diligence, compliance, remediation and industrial hygiene needs. Let our team responsibly move your business forward through environmental problem solving!


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