McKinney Environmental Assessment

At ESE Partners, we are a trusted resource to deliver a thorough McKinney environmental assessment for land development. Fully understanding the hazards associated with your property is important so that you are able to address them appropriately.

In order to bring these hazards to light, you will need a comprehensive assessment from trusted environmental engineers and scientists. ESE Partners provides thorough assessments and comprehensive reports.

Work with ESE Partners for an environmental assessment for land development in McKinney TX

Since establishing our business in 2007, ESE Partners has conducted a long list of environmental assessments for our clients.

Each McKinney environmental assessment for land development is administered by an industry-leading environmental expert and we strive to provide the most convenient and effective service as possible.

Before you move forward with an land acquisition or development project, it’s important to understand the scope of any potential environmental hazard or problem. ESE Partners offers:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA): This environmental assessment for land development in McKinney TX gauges the potential environmental liabilities of a property. Through a visual inspection and research of a property’s history, our experts can determine the likelihood of contaminants and other hazards. We can also customize our reports to meet your unique purposes.
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA): The team at ESE Partners will take samples of media from your property during a Phase II ESA and test them in a lab. This gives us the power to definitively confirm or deny the presence of contaminants and other hazards and determine whether they need to be addressed further.

A McKinney environmental assessment for land development is a vital first step in any project. Make sure that you are protecting people, the environment and your project by thoroughly analyzing the environmental hazards on your property. ESE Partners is ready to guide you through the process.


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