McKinney Environmental Due Diligence Audit

Welcome to ESE Partners, where our team of experienced, certified professionals are ready to provide you with a McKinney environmental due diligence audit that offers detailed environmental information about your property.

Environmental due diligence is crucial in many situations. In fact, if you are ever considering acquiring commercial property, our environmental due diligence services in McKinney TX are not only important, but are often required by a bank or lending institution.

Offering extensive McKinney environmental due diligence services

ESE Partners has been in business since 2007, working closely with clients belonging to a variety of industries to identify, and overcome, environmental obstacles. The due diligence process is where a team of environmental experts examines a property for a variety of contaminants or other hazards.

An environmental due diligence audit in McKinney TX can come in many different forms. We offer a variety of tests, assessments and screenings that will provide helpful insight before purchasing or developing property.

Phase 1 and 2 environmental site assessments

These are the industry standards when it comes to a McKinney environmental due diligence audit. Environmental site assessments come in two phases. The first is where our team visually inspects your property and researches its history. This gives us an idea of what the land was used for and whether or not it is at risk of harboring contaminants and other hazards.

If Phase 1 raises no reasons for concern, the process ends there. But, if our team identifies recognized environmental conditions (RECs), we can move forward with a Phase 2 ESA. This component of our environmental due diligence services in McKinney TX is where we take media samples from potentially contaminated areas of your property and test them in a lab.

A Phase 2 ESA provides definitive proof and concrete information on whether or not contaminants are present.

ESE Partners also provides tests such as property condition assessments (PCAs), transaction screenings, desktop reviews and more. While these tests might differ, the goal is the same: To identify environmental hazards so that you can properly address them.

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As a trusted environmental consultant since 2007, ESE Partners is ready to provide you with a thorough McKinney environmental due diligence audit and assist with issues relating to compliance, remediation, natural resources, industrial hygiene and more.

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