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New Grants Announced for Emission Reduction Efforts

Looking at reducing emissions at your facility? The TCEQ announced grants are available for projects that implement new technologies to reduce emissions of stationary sources in Texas, with at least $1 million made available for electricity storage projects related to renewable energy. Contact ESE Partners today if you need help navigating the process! #electricalstorage #advancedcleanenergy #newtechnology #oilandgas #renewableenergy

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Carbon Footprint Assessments

Ever heard of a Corporate Carbon Footprint Assessment? #ESEPartners is currently working for E&P companies to report on internal/external environmental performance, identifying emission risks and opportunities for emission reductions and developing strategies for managing GHG emissions in the future. Contact us for your Carbon Footprint Assessment today! #carbonfootprint #sustainability

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SAMA Environmental Seminar

#ESEPartners will be attending the San Antonio Manufacturers Association (SAMA) 30th Annual Environmental Seminar today. Contact Frank Garrison for your regulatory compliance and permitting needs today! #environmentalcompliance

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Endangered Plant Survey in South Texas

#ESEPartners biologists, Nevin Durish and Jennifer Herrera, recently completed an endangered plant survey in South Texas. The work involved identifying over 130 species of plants for a proposed renewable energy development site. The survey was completed in order to gain concurrence from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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