Plano Environmental Testing For Real Estate

Before you are able to tackle environmental problems or needs you must first know what they are, which is why comprehensive Plano environmental testing for commercial real estate is so important.

Welcome to ESE Partners. Established in 2007 and with our headquarters in Houston, ESE Partners boasts a staff of knowledgeable and experienced environmental engineers and scientists. We work closely with a wide range of clients to help them address any environmental issues they might be facing.

From environmental testing for commercial real estate in Plano TX to compliance, remediation and natural resource management services, ESE Partners is a valuable resource for everyone from oil and gas companies to land developers.

Use our experts for property tests and assessments

Whether you’re looking to acquire a piece of property, or planning a major project on existing land (i.e. development, demolition, etc.), it’s important to know about any environmental hazards that could threaten people, the environment and your project.

We provide all forms of Plano environmental testing for commercial real estate, and it starts with a Phase I environmental site assessment (ESA). Through a site visit, visual inspection and careful research into the history of the property (i.e. document reviews, interviews with previous owners, etc.) our team can identify any recognized environmental conditions (RECs).

If this environmental testing for commercial real estate in Plano TX reveals significant likelihood for contaminates or hazards, we can conduct a Phase II ESA, taking samples of soil, soil gas, ground water and other media to test it in a lab and compare results with regulations.

ESE Partners also provides due diligence services that include property condition assessments (PCAs), asbestos containing materials survey (ACMS), lead consulting services, transaction screens and more.

Understand — and address — your environmental needs

With our headquarters in Houston and offices in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, ESE Partners is ready to provide you with Plano environmental testing for commercial real estate and a variety of other environmental consulting services.


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