Plano Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment

ESE Partners provides careful, comprehensive due diligence services, which include a Plano Phase 2 environmental site assessment to confirm whether or not contaminates and other environmental hazards exist on your property.

When it comes to environmental site assessments (ESA), there are two types used to gauge the environmental condition of your property. They include:

  • Phase 1: A Phase 1 ESA consists of a site visit, visual inspection and careful review of a property’s history. This might include reviewing documents associated with the property and interviewing previous owners. The goal of a Phase I ESA is to identify any recognized environmental conditions (RECs) that would require further review.
  • Phase II: A Phase 2 environmental inspection in Plano TX is the next step after a Phase 1 identifies RECs. ESE Partners has the qualified professionals needed to administer this Phase 2 environmental site assessment in Plano TX, which includes taking samples of media like groundwater and soil and testing them in a lab for various contaminants. These tests will give our team a chance to identify whether or not a contaminate is present, and if so, how it compares with applicable regulations.

A Plano Phase 2 environmental inspection is helpful because, not only does it confirm the presence of certain contaminants and hazards, but it provides our team with the information needed to help you develop an effective game plan to remove or otherwise address the hazards.

ESE Partners strives to provide a Plano Phase 2 environmental site assessment and subsequent report that is comprehensive and filled with the information that you need for your specific purposes.

A valuable resource for environmental problem solving

From administering a Phase 2 environmental inspection in Plano TX to providing insight into issues of compliance, remediation and natural resources, ESE Partners has been a trusted resource for clients of all industries since 2007.

With our headquarters in Houston, and office locations in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, we invite you to tap into our vast knowledge and experience. Schedule your Plano Phase 2 environmental site assessment or consult with our team right now.

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