Plano Phase I ESA

Plano Phase I ESA

Conducting proper due diligence during a commercial real estate transaction is an absolute must and the team at ESE Partners is ready to help you do exactly that with a Plano Phase I ESA.

We provide the clients we work for with in-depth, insightful information and the peace of mind that comes with identifying any environmental hazards present on a parcel of property. By compiling a thorough Plano Phase I environmental report, our team can draw attention to any Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) that will affect the real estate transaction.

Our team is able to provide a lender approved ASTM-E1527-13 or similar Plano Phase One environmental study, carefully assessing the property through means such as:

  • Reviewing records and investigating if the property was ever used for hazardous purposes
  • Visually inspecting the property’s condition, in addition to the condition of nearby properties
  • Talking to property owners and government officials to learn more about the property

A Phase I ESA in Plano TX is essential for any commercial real estate transaction — and it’s vital to lean on qualified, accomplished professionals for this important work.

Providing clients with Phase II ESA in Plano TX

If our Plano Phase I ESA service reveals a Recognized Environmental Condition (REC), then the team at ESE Partners can discuss the liability and risk. If necessary, we will move forward with a Phase II ESA. The goal of this inspection is to assess the actual presence of contaminants on your property.

To generate our Phase II environmental report in Plano TX, our team might take samples, conduct lab work and closely inspect interior spaces in an effort to identify contaminants.

All results of our Phase II ESA in Plano TX will be compiled in a comprehensive report that will guide your future actions, such as remediation efforts.

Responsibly moving business forward through environmental problem solving

Our Phase I and Phase II ESA in Plano TX are just two ways that we help our clients tackle environmental problems associated with their properties. When it comes to identifying and addressing environmental issues, we’re a trusted resource.

Connect with our team right now to learn more about our Plano Phase I ESA and other services.