San Antonio Phase I ESA

Shine a light on environmental liabilities within a commercial or industrial property by working with ESE Partners and investing in a San Antonio Phase I ESA or other due diligence services.

Most lending institutions will require some form of site inspection before its willing to enter into a commercial property transaction. They want to make sure that the land is not riddled with contaminates, which they might be responsible for cleaning up in the end.

That’s why ESE Partners’ environmental due diligence is so important. Through a Phase I or Phase II ESA in San Antonio TX, our environmental experts will closely inspect the property to identify, and highlight, any issues.

We will provide a comprehensive San Antonio Phase I environmental report

A Phase I ESA in San Antonio TX is the standard for environmental due diligence. Led by our knowledgeable and experienced environmental experts, the team at ESE Partners will conduct a site visit in addition to researching the history behind the property to identify any Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs).

A San Antonio Phase one environmental study is essentially a tool that gauges the likelihood of present environmental hazards and whether or not those potential issues should be scrutinized further.

Phase II ESA in San Antonio TX

When a San Antonio Phase I ESA does identify RECs, ESE Partners can follow up with a Phase II ESA, which is designed to outright confirm or deny the presence of chemicals or other hazards. This process involves sampling a variety of media (i.e. groundwater, soil, soil gas, etc.) and testing in a laboratory for contamination.

We compare our findings with the regulatory limits and criteria established by the applicable government agencies and can help determine if further action is required to address the hazards. All findings are contained in a comprehensive Phase II environmental report in San Antonio TX.

Consult with the team at ESE Partners

At ESE Partners, we’re responsibly moving business forward through environmental problem solving. That starts with careful due diligence. Consult with our team about our San Antonio Phase I esa services, and the many other environmental problem-solving resources that we provide.


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