TCEQ Emissions Reporting

You’ll always be able to count on ESE Partners for accurate, comprehensive TCEQ emissions reporting. We have a team of experienced technicians, scientists and engineers who provide a wide range of emissions testing services, both onsite and in the laboratory. Not only do we identify problems, we can also provide you with a roadmap to correct them.


We Know this Area Inside and Out

No other consultancy of our size has the depth of knowledge regarding TCEQ emissions reporting you’ll find from ESE Partners. We are intimately familiar with all requirements, and know what others don’t. Take advantage of that knowledge by partnering with us.


For example, there are a lot of gray areas when it comes to reporting emissions events (EE). You may already know that if an investigation shows that an EE was more than 15 percent over allowable limits for a particular contaminant, the TCEQ will issue a Notice of Violation (NOV). Facilities can contest an NOV through a process known as an affirmative action.

However, there are two main reasons TCEQ will often deny an affirmative action – TCEQ emissions reporting errors and cause-related errors.

  • TCEQ emissions reporting errors – One of the most common mistakes that can result in a denial of an affirmative action case is failing to report an EE in a timely manner. Often times, facility operators mistakenly believe that an EE has to be reported 24 hours from the time the environmental manager is told of the issue. But the clock actually starts from the second someone becomes aware of the EE, or should have known of the incident that led to the EE.
  • Cause-related errors – Affirmative action cases are also regularly denied because facility managers say the cause of an EE was “unknown.” They have no proof of how an EE occurred, so they have no defense in the case. If managers were to take their own investigation a step further– and be more transparent – when filing their report, that will help them gain the trust of TCEQ investigators. They may have a better chance of succeeding in their affirmative action case as a result.

This just scratches the surface of how we can put our knowledge of TCEQ emissions reporting best practices to work for you. Learn more by contacting ESE Partners today.


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