Texas Air Permit By Rule

ESE Partners can help with all of your Texas air permit by rule needs. While the process of obtaining an air permit by rule in Texas has been streamlined, for some operations it can be very challenging to provide an accurate and complete application. Our company has helped complete thousands of applications across the state. We will provide timely, correct applications that are crafted specifically to provide your operation the maximum amount of flexibility.


What is an Air Permit By Rule?

In Texas, air permit by rule is a permit that allows companies to produce emissions that are not believed to be substantial contributors to environmental contaminants. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regulates air permit by rule in Texas.


Rules have been written in the Texas administrative code that outline the operating parameters and conditions that are approved for the purpose of obtaining a permit for various commonly permitted facilities.  These rules are often referred to as permits by rule or PBRs. In essence, if you’re operation or facility meets the parameters and conditions of a permit by rule you can apply for authorization under that rule. Whenever possible, authorization under PBR vs NSR or Title V is desirable as PBRs are issued in a shorter timeframe and involve less application preparation. Some applicants even scale back their operation to meet the requirements of a PBR.  This is a desirable tradeoff because PBRs generally pose less risk regarding compliance deficiencies and the ensuing penalties those can lead to.


Not all air permits by rule in Texas require registration with the TCEQ to claim authorization. However, onsite documentation detailing emissions calculations, rules claimed, and recordkeeping must be maintained. The consultants at ESE Partners can help you determine if your operation is eligible for authorization under a PBR and what steps must be taken to obtain authorization.



Let ESE Partners Help With Your Air Permit Application

At ESE Partners, we’re committed to helping businesses move forward. Whether you’re looking for help applying for a Texas air permit by rule, or you have other environmental compliance needs, we should be the ones you turn to first. One of our professionals will be more than happy to tell you more. You can get more information by getting in touch with an ESE Partners office near you.

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