Texas Air Permit In Texas

Trying to obtain a Texas air permit on your own can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming. Complying with air quality regulations can involve thousands of pages of guidance regarding procedures – taking you away from your biggest priority, keeping your operations as efficient and profitable as possible. The experts with Environmental Science and Engineering Partners (ESE Partners) can help you with all the cumbersome paperwork that goes into obtaining an air permit in Texas.


A Brief Look at Texas Air Permitting Requirements

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) controls all sources of air emissions throughout the state under authority of the Texas Clean Air Act. Any sources of emissions that produce regulated airborne contaminants at certain levels have to submit an application to TCEQ for an air permit in Texas.


How ESE Partners Can Relieve You of the Burden of Obtaining an Air Permit

ESE Partners has a team of professionals that can make obtaining a Texas air permit easier than you may have ever imagined possible. Here are just a few ways how we can help.

  • Providing you with compliance and site-specific permitting strategies
  • Developing all necessary plans to implement those strategies
  • Keeping detailed documentation of ongoing compliance requirements
  • Monitoring compliance status
  • Submitting all required reports
  • And much more

We can streamline all compliance activities related to your air permit in Texas, reducing the regulatory burdens so you can focus on doing your job. ESE Partners provides a host of air related services to the chemical, oil & gas, energy and manufacturing sectors.. These include the following:

  • Non-rule standard permitting
  • Emissions case studies
  • VPU (Vapor Recovery Unit) emissions tests
  • GHG analysis and reporting
  • Air quality audits and modeling
  • Title V permits
  • Deviation reporting
  • Emissions inventory


Let Us Show You How We Can Keep Moving Your Business Forward

Whether you need to apply for a Texas air permit or you have any other compliance, remediation or assessment needs, the experts with ESE Partners will be ready to help. We have a team of talented professionals who are passionate about helping our stakeholders. To learn more, please click the link below to find an ESE Partners office near you.


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