Texas Pollution Prevention Plan

Companies across the state of Texas have had to provide a Texas pollution prevention plan for more than 30 years. It’s designed to help ensure that operations that generate pollutants do everything they can to reduce their impact on the environment. The idea behind this requirement is obviously important, but that doesn’t mean putting together a plan is easy – it’s anything but, actually. At ESE Partners, however, we can help you with your pollution prevention plan in Texas in a very cost-effective, efficient manner.


Fast Facts on the Pollution Prevention Plan

If your company generates any hazardous waste, or you have to file a TRI Form R report, you’ll be required to not only develop, but also maintain a Texas pollution prevention plan. Your base pollution prevention plan in Texas is typically due within 90 days of your TRI Form R report submission. You’ll also have to file an annual progress report and executive summary by July 1 of each year, and a renewal pollution prevention plan by January 1 of the first year your new plan is to take effect.

There are two separate components of a company’s pollution prevention plan – the initial plan and the annual update. This will help the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) identify ways to reduce pollutants while minimizing toxic waste. While your specific methods of cutting pollutants will be different than those of other operations, there are seven general ways that your company can comply with TCEQ pollution prevention plan in Texas mandates.

  1. Identify your operational processes and areas where your company produces waste.
  2. Prioritize areas that create more waste than others.
  3. Determine the best options to reduce waste.
  4. Set goals and prioritize those options.
  5. Train your employees on pollution reduction awareness
  6. Document your plan.
  7. Report the results.

Let the experts with ESE Partners help streamline the process of developing and implementing a Texas pollution prevention plan. You can get in touch with the ESE location nearest you to learn more.


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