Texas Storm Water Renewal

ESE Partners has the both the skill and experience helping clients across various industries comply with Texas storm water renewal permitting requirements. We routinely work with a wide variety of stakeholders, including contractors, architects, manufacturing, industrial and oil and gas facilities, and many others. If you have any questions regarding storm water renewal in Texas, the consultants at ESE Partners are here to help.


Why is Storm Water Runoff Regulated?

There are a broad range of industrial and commercial activities for which runoff is generated and Texas storm water renewal permits are needed. Runoff is considered water from ice, snow or rain that does not immediately move into the ground. Rather, it flows either through or over man-made or natural conveyance or storage systems. Runoff gathers pollutants, which it discharges into storm sewers or nearby bodies of water. This, of course, can lead to contamination – which the process of storm water renewal in Texas permitting is designed to help reduce or prevent.

The penalties for not complying with storm water requirement in Texas can be extremely high – up to $32,500 for each violation per day. To avoid this costly penalty, take the steps today to make sure you’re in compliance. ESE Partners is here an ready to help. We’ll make sure your permit is in complete order and filed well in advance of the deadlines.

ESE partners is a leader in storm water renewal in Texas permitting services. We offer exceptional services at affordable prices, and we are ready to work with you to achieve your compliance goals. You’ll know your company’s compliance needs are in professional hands so that you don’t have to worry about the risk of missing any compliance items that could lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines – not to mention the potential for bad press.


Learn More

If you would like more information on our Texas storm water renewal permitting services, please get in touch with ESE Partners. Call one of our offices and we’ll be more than happy to show you how we can help you mitigate risk and reduce costs by being proactive. We’ve earned the trust of companies across the state, and we welcome the chance to earn yours as well.


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