Powering the Future. Together.

2018 has been a historic year as wind power surpassed 90,000 MW installed and the AWEA WINDPOWER Conference grew 10% making it the largest show in 5 years. The wind industry’s powerful growth is poised to continue in 2019, with more than 37,700 MW of wind capacity under construction or in advanced development.

The wind industry was founded by visionaries and continues to embody an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. And the industry has always recognized the value of working together with partners that help drive our agenda forward. As we move toward the 2020s, wind energy will continue to thrive through collaboration with technology, other sources of clean and traditional energy, policy makers, innovators, farmers and ranchers, rural communities, big cities, and the list goes on.

Wind + our growing list of partners and allies = a bright future!

In May 2019, that future begins in Houston, the energy capital of world, where leaders from the wind industry and across energy sectors will gather at AWEA WINDPOWER 2019. In Houston, we will take the next steps forward to powering that future, together!