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New Owner Clean Air Act Audit Program

Did you know - under the EPA's voluntary Clean Air Act Audit Program, new owners of upstream exploration and production sites can mitigate their regulatory burden in exchange for auditing their sites for Clean Air Act violations, disclosing any violations, and correcting those violations on an agreed timeline? If you have any questions, or need further information please contact Vidhi Singhal P.E. at (281) 501‑6100 or #E&P #compliance #oilandgas #upstream #ESEpartners

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Bank Due Diligence Experience

#ESEPartners knows bank due diligence! We have worked with over 40 #nationwide #banks ensuring #topnotch #due #diligence efforts.

Contact Kathryn O’Gorman, P.G., our Managing Director for Due Diligence, if you are in the process of a real estate transaction. #environmental #duediligence

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ESE Project Locations

remediation, compliance, natural resource and industrial hygiene related services across the nation. Learn more about our services and projects here!

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Texas Audit Act

Did you know that there is a way for an individual/corporation to identify areas of non-compliance within their own facility and/or specific facility operations and receive immunity from administrative and civil penalties that would otherwise be associated with non-compliance? The Texas Environmental, Health and Safety Audit Privilege Act (Audit Act), first established by House Bill 2473 in 1995, provides incentives for individuals/corporations (“persons”) to conduct voluntary self-audits of their facilities and/or specific operations and implement prompt corrective action where violations are identified. The incentives provided by the Audit Act include immunity from administrative and civil penalties as well as limited evidentiary privilege for certain information gathered during the voluntary self-audit. However, in order to be eligible for the immunity provisions, the individual/corporation must follow the process described in the Audit Act.

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Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP)

Did you know the current Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) is set to expire in August of 2021? The TCEQ held a public stakeholder meeting in October of 2019 regarding the renewal of the MSGP TXR050000 and proposed updates to the monitoring and reporting requirements for DMRs, select benchmark values, NOI and NOC items, and other sector-specific changes. Contact us to learn more about how this may affect you! #industrial #stormwatermanagement

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Joe Hoelzen’s 8 Year Anniversary

Special thanks to Joe Hoelzen for the 8 years of outstanding #businessdevelopement and #sales for #ESEPartners. Joe maintains excellent client relationships and always goes above and beyond for his team. #salesleadership #clientsatisfaction

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Protected Species and Wildlife

#ESEPartners provides a wide range of protected species and other wildlife related services. Our seasoned biologists are permitted for presence/absence surveys for federally endangered species and habitat assessments. Learn more about our natural resources services here #endangeredspecies

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Nationwide Permit 12 Ruling

The courts have clarified particular issues to vacate NWP 12. A status quo for electric power projects however oil and gas is still barred from use of the permit. Learn more about Nationwide Permit 12 Ruling below.
#energy #oilandgas #renewableenergy #nationwidepermit #NWP12 #CWA #Section404 #wetlands

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