Environmental Science and Engineering Partners Is Proud To Announce 10 Years In Business!

Environmental Science and Engineering Partners has reached the milestone of celebrating their 10th year in business. Established in 2007, the company’s year-to-year revenue growth is a testament to their commitment to work product excellence. In the era of an ever-changing economic climate , ESE has achieved a decade of steady growth and success.

ESE would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone  for their continued support. The company looks forward to providing the same quality service and technical expertise with this achievement and look forward to the future of our company as a whole. 

  A Letter From The CEO

Environmental Science and Engineering“This year marks Environmental Science and Engineering Partners’ 10th year in business. Wow. It’s been an incredible ride thus far. When we started this business, we envisioned a company dedicated to environmental due diligence and brownfields consulting. As we have evolved and matured, we still have a focus supporting the real estate community with their due diligence and brownfields initiatives, but we have also diversified our skill sets beyond what we originally imagined. Today ESE offers air, water and waste compliance and permitting services, natural resource consulting, facility services and environmental construction support to a large variety of industries and government entities from three office locations.”


“On behalf of ESE, I would like to extend my profound appreciation for everyone who has supported ESE Partners throughout the past 10 years. To our long-time clients and partners, we thank you for your confidence and trust you have placed on us to help you achieve your business goals; our success is directly dependent on the success of our clients. Since 2007, your trust in ESE has allowed us to play a vital role in increasing the wealth of our clients and quality of life for the community through environmental science and engineering.”


“Through a roller coaster of ups and downs, this company proves to be resilient in its efforts to flourish in this industry. In the past ten years, as a company, we have seen the ebb and flow of different markets and the economic challenges that come with them.  ESE has learned to diversify and overcome these challenges and effectively grow 15% per year on average.  I can truly say with confidence, ESE is an established, committed and reputable company, one that of which I am humbled and honored to be leading.”


“In saying this, I would also like to thank the ESE team for their hard work and dedication to the needs of our clients. I recognize that ESE would not be where we are today without the contributions made by each and every one of our team members and vendors. Thank you.”


“Well, the ride isn’t over yet.  Looking ahead ESE is focused on continuing to accelerate our growth strategy, while continuing to build the strength of our brand and upholding our brand promises to the highest standard.  I look forward to what the next 10 years will bring. — we are the environmental experts in real estate redevelopment & compliance. Reclaim. Restore. Renew.”

Bryan Gay  —  CEO

                                                      ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING PARTNERS    

EnvironmEnvironmental Science and Engineeringental Science and Engineering Partners increases the wealth of our clients and improves the quality of life for the community through the reclamation of environmentally distressed real estate.Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with branches in Austin and San Antonio, ESE provides environmental support to clients needing assessment, remediation, brownfields redevelopment, compliance, permitting and natural resource related services. With the combined elements of technical expertise and over 100 years of shared experience, ESE Partners helps transform undesirable properties into lucrative real estate opportunities that better the community.