Have You Removed All Building Materials Affected By Hurricane Harvey From Your Property? If So, Here Is Your Next Step…Mold & Moisture Assessment. 


It’s has been three weeks since Hurricane Harvey unloaded over 27 trillion gallons of water across southeast Texas, leaving commercial property owners with the burden of cleaning up the mess. According to Apartmentdata.com, 181 multifamily properties have reported damage to 10,571 apartment units; Communities such as Greenspoint, Northborough, Aldine, Crosby and Northeast Houston have all reported nearly 10% of damaged property units. By now, all office, multifamily, commercial, and industrial properties should have completed water restoration or are currently undergoing the mold remediation process, as well as working with the insurance companies to commence the remodeling process. The next phase is the Mold & Moisture Assessment…

Please be aware that is is ESSENTIAL to get a third party mold & moisture assessment completed BEFORE undergoing reconstruction in order to avoid any indoor air quality issues. 

How Can ESE Help You?

Mold & Moisture Assessments


In order to conduct a mold & moisture assessment, ESE Partners will utilize state-of-the-art moisture mapping equipment, including thermal imaging cameras, in order to detect additional affected areas unseen to the naked eye. The infrared images demonstrate exposed wall and floor systems with elevated moisture (purple areas). Without detection and remediation of the moisture, these building materials are highly susceptible to mold growth, significantly damaging your properties’ air quality. 


Mold & Moisture Assessment

General Facts:

Building materials such as drywall, wood flooring, tile, insulation, carpet, and anything made of organic material are all susceptible to mold growth. (Look out for discoloration of walls.)

  • Ideal temperatures for mold growth are between 68°F and 86°F.
  • Moisture content above 17% for one week can result in significant mold growth in wood structural building components.

Click here for more information on how to detect and remediate property building materials affected by mold and moisture.

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