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New Owner Clean Air Act Audit Program

Did you know - under the EPA's voluntary Clean Air Act Audit Program, new owners of upstream exploration and production sites can mitigate their regulatory burden in exchange for auditing their sites for Clean Air Act violations, disclosing any violations, and correcting those violations on an agreed timeline? If you have any questions, or need further information please contact Vidhi Singhal P.E. at (281) 501‑6100 or #E&P #compliance #oilandgas #upstream #ESEpartners

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Are you a small business and need environmental assistance? The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality provides technical assistance without the threat of enforcement at TexasEnviroHelp. #environmentalcompliance

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Exit Assessments

Not renewing your lease this term? Contact ESE for an Environmental Exit Assessment to mitigate any environmental liabilities onsite.

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Vapor Intrusion

Studies have found that cracks in building foundations and openings for utility lines can act as conduits for the migration of vapors which can cause long-term wellness concerns. Read more on how vapor intrusion can effect your project today!

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Purchasing commercial real estate?

Purchasing commercial real estate? Be aware of environmental liabilities caused by previous owners. Various levels of environmental reviews or investigations can be conducted to determine the likelihood of a liability, but many lenders and investors require that a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment be conducted for commercial real estate transaction in accordance with ASTM E1527-13. Learn more about #duediligence services here: #phaseIesa #commercialrealestate

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