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New Grants Announced for Emission Reduction Efforts

Looking at reducing emissions at your facility? The TCEQ announced grants are available for projects that implement new technologies to reduce emissions of stationary sources in Texas, with at least $1 million made available for electricity storage projects related to renewable energy. Contact ESE Partners today if you need help navigating the process! #electricalstorage #advancedcleanenergy #newtechnology #oilandgas #renewableenergy

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When Do You Need a Stormwater Permit?

Are you performing construction activity that disturbs one or more acres of land and has the potential to discharge stormwater from the site? You will need a SWPPP. Contact us today to learn more.

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Subsurface Investigations at Gas Stations in Tarrant and Dallas Counties, Texas

#ESEPartners recently performed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Subsurface Investigations at gas stations in Tarrant and Dallas Counties in North Texas. Soil and groundwater samples were analyzed in a laboratory to determine if fuel tanks have leaked gasoline into the environment. Click below to learn more about effects of gasoline exposure on the human body. #duediligence

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Hidden Liability in Legacy Sites

During the merger and acquisition (M&A) process, environmental due diligence is necessary for identifying material risks and liabilities. Legacy sites or former operations that have been sold and abandoned can be a hidden liability for owners. Identifying environmental risks can help protect your investment and dispel uncertainty around potential hidden costs down the road. 

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Joes Crab Shack Phase I ESA, Arlington, Texas

Well-known restaurant chain, Joe’s Crab Shack, is closing many locations. #ESEPartners recently conducted a Phase I ESA at a closed Joe’s Crab Shack in Arlington, TX for a real estate purchaser. Contact us today if you need exit assessments on your property! #duediligence

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Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI) for the City of Austin

Developing a property in Austin? Know that the City of Austin requires an Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI) with the following criteria:

(1) within the Edwards Aquifer recharge or contributing zone;
(2) within the Drinking Water Protection Zone;
(3) containing a water quality transition zone;
(4) containing a critical water quality zone; or
(5) with a gradient of more than 15 percent.

#ESEPartners has the experience to quickly identify if your property meets the ERI criteria. Please contact Patrick Kainer or Nevin Durish for any questions! #austintexas #development

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