Industrial Wastewater Permitting

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Services Performed

ESE assisted a business involved in aggregate materials sourcing, crushing, and distribution with various compliance issues. This client operated approximately 15 facilities located through the Gulf Coast Region of Texas. The client required Notices of Intent (NOIs) and Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWP3) for construction stormwater permits needed for the construction of new facilities; NOIs, SWP3s, and quarterly and annual inspections for general industrial stormwater permits for actively operating facilities; and the generation and implementation of SPCC plans for actively operating facilities which exceed a volume threshold for the storage of petroleum products. ESE’s assistance with these compliances items are renewed on an annual basis for all facilities. ESE’s environmental compliance consulting provided the client with the implementation of best management practices and the documentation needed to undergo city, county, or state environmental regulation inspections and be found in compliance with general requirements.