LDAR & OOOOB Audit/Reporting

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Project Overview

ESE was engaged by a private independent exploration, production, and development company in 2018 to audit Leak Detection and Repair on several facilities and report subject under 40 CFR part 60, subpart OOOOa New Source Performance Standard for Crude Oil and Natural Gas Facilities. ESE evaluated several well sites in Webb and La Salle Counties for poor equipment integrity, continment compliance, remediation needs, and general housekeeping issues.


A LDAR survey, or leak detection and repair survey, is a method of identifying and quantifying fugitive emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), and greenhouse gases (GHGs) from industrial facilities. The objective of a LDAR survey is to reduce the environmental and health impacts of these emissions, as well as to comply with regulatory requirements and improve operational efficiency.

Scope of Work

To perform the LDAR FLIR inspections, repairs, and recordkeeping/reporting, ESE provided certified OGI Technician(s) who inspected over 180 wells and over 65 facilities using a thermal camera. ESEs subcontractor also performed basic repairs such as tightening or cleaning components, and confirm the repairs within the required deadlines. They maintained an electronic database of all records and videos, and follow OOOOa/b standards for compliance.

Key Benefits to Client

  • ESE was able to assist our client comply with environmental regulations, reduce emissions, and save costs.

Services Performed

  • LDAR survey


  • 183 wells
  • 68 facilities


  • Webb County, Texas
  • La Salle County, Texas