Waller County Solar Site

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Project Overview

ESE recently conducted due diligence and natural resources services for a proposed large-scale solar installation in South Texas. The Phase I ESA was conducted in accordance with ASTM E 1527-21 guidance and no recognized environmental conditions, historical recognized environmental conditions or controlled recognized environmental conditions were found in connection with the property.

A water resources evaluation for the property was performed in order to assess potential for impacts to Waters of the United States (WOTUS), including wetlands. The field delineation was completed in summer and fall of 2020. Numerous wetlands were identified and delineated within the site, and a portion of those features had the potential to be considered jurisdictional by the USACE. Of the stream features found throughout the site, several intermittent tributaries were likely to be considered jurisdictional due to classification and connectivity to TNWs.

Since the USACE makes the final determination on the location of waterbody and wetland boundaries and their jurisdictional status, the client has opted to obtain an official jurisdictional determination (JD) from the USACE. ESE is assisting the client in the process and will submit the report to the USACE Galveston District Office, along with a JD request form and, if appropriate, a pre-construction notification / permit application.

Services Performed

  • Phase I ESA
  • Water Resources Evaluation


  • 3,865 acres