Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) Survey in Houston, Texas

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Services Performed

ESE Partners is serving as the environmental consultant for the redevelopment of a tract of land in Houston, Harris County, Texas. ESE conducted a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I ESA) which identified areas of concern associated with historic site uses. As the result of the Phase I ESA, a Phase II subsurface investigation and an asbestos containing materials survey was recommended and completed at the Site.

Although tanks were not identified to physically remain at the Site, benzene was found to be present at the Site above Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Petroleum Storage Tank (PST) action levels. As a result, the apparent historic fuel release was reported to the TCEQ and a Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank (LPST) identification number was issued. In accordance with regulatory guidance, ESE completed a thorough site assessment including the development of a Release Determination Report (RDR), Drinking Water Survey Report (DWSR), and Risk Based Assessment (RBA). Since the assessments and related investigations showed that there were no threats or impacts to potential receptors, the TCEQ issued regulatory closure for the Site allowing for unencumbered site development.

Separate of the underground storage tanks assessment activities, ESE initiated and completed an asbestos survey of the historic structures in anticipation of demolition of the existing improvements. Asbestos containing materials (ACMs) were identified and abatement specifications were developed. ESE solicited asbestos abatement bids from several pre-qualified contractors. ESE assisted in the selection of the best value abatement contractor and completed the oversight of the abatement of the asbestos containing materials prior to demolition of the Site.

At the completion of the abatement, ESE issued a closeout report demonstrating that the asbestos abatement was completed and monitored in accordance with federal, state, and local laws. As of January 2020, the property is under construction as a multistory mixed-use tower.