The Grove at Shoal Creek

Services Performed

ESE’s national accredited and state licensed asbestos professionals completed asbestos consulting services associated with the pre-demolition abatement of a 1950s era fifteen building campus. The campus of structures formerly known as the Texas Department of Transportation’s Bull Creek Facility had formerly been utilized for centralized administration, engineering, and maintenance services. As the proposed redevelopment project required the demolition of all existing improvements, ESE completed thorough surveys for Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs).  The surveys identified and quantified ACMs associated the existing improvements. ESE further solicited abatement contractor costs on behalf of the landowner for the removal of the ACMs.  ESE worked with the landowner to select the best value contractor for the abatement project in terms of schedule, qualifications, and lowest cost. Services provided by ESE further included project management, air monitoring, abatement contractor oversight, and post abatement visual inspections and air clearance sampling. The successful completion of the abatement project allowed for structural demolition and redevelopment of the Site.

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