Children’s Museum

Services Performed

ESE’s accredited industrial hygiene professionals recently completed lead-based paint consulting and abatement services in support of renovation activities associated with the conversion of a 1920s era industrial structure into a children’s museum. In support of the proposed plan, ESE completed a pre-renovation survey of the structure utilizing an X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer to locate, identify, and quantify lead-based paint coatings. Upon completion of the survey, ESE developed technical specifications for the abatement of the structure. ESE further solicited abatement costs on behalf of the building owner for the removal of the lead-based paint film coatings from several accredited and qualified contractors.  ESE worked with the building owner’s renovation team to select the best value contractor for the abatement project. Services provided by ESE further included lead-based paint abatement contractor oversight and post abatement verification of the removal of the targeted paint film coatings. The successful completion of the abatement project eliminated lead-based paint hazards by providing a structure that was safe for use as  children’s museum.

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