Former Central Prison Unit – Asbestos Abatement Project Management and Consulting Services

Services Performed

ESE conducted pre-acquisition due diligence investigations of a 55 building 240-acre former state prison property which had been in continuous operation since the early 1900’s.  During the pre-acquisition phase of the project, ESE prepared engineering estimates of costs associated with identifying and abating Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) in addition to forecasted costs associated demolition of site structures  Following property acquisition, ESE completed thorough ACMs surveys on a building by building basis which included 1) a description of sample locations, 2) results of laboratory testing, 3) condition of the identified ACM, 4) order of magnitude material estimates, and 5) recommendations for options related to asbestos abatement. ESE further prepared technical specifications for asbestos abatement and demolition of the structures. ESE further acted as the agent for the property owner in soliciting competitive bids in addition to  conducted bid submittal evaluations and provided recommendation for award. After project award, ESE provided project management for asbestos abatement relative activities that were completed by the selected contractor.  These services included project meeting coordination, air monitoring services throughout the abatement process, and post-asbestos abatement final inspections with clearance air monitoring. At the conclusion of abatement and demolition related activities, the scope of the project from beginning to end was detailed in a final closeout document which was submitted to various property stakeholders.