Commerce Street LPST

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Services Performed

ESE conducted a Phase I ESA on a former meat packing facility in downtown Houston along the banks of Buffalo Bayou. The results of the Phase I ESA identified the possible presence of a historic underground storage tank (UST) in the basement of the building. ESE conducted an electromagnetic and ground penetrating radar (EM/GPR) survey in the vicinity of the reported tank location which confirmed the presence of the tank underneath the basement concrete slab. ESE removed the UST utilizing specialized equipment (due to access limitations) and prepared and submitted a Release Determination Report to the TCEQ. Due to hydrocarbon impacts to soil underlying the UST and dispenser, the TCEQ assigned a Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank (LPST) ID number. ESE prepared and submitted a Plan A Risk-Based Assessment Report to the TCEQ documenting no apparent threats to receptors including groundwater and the adjoining Buffalo Bayou surface water body. Based on the information submitted in the Plan A Risk-Based Assessment Report, the LPST site received TCEQ closure with no further corrective action necessary.