Phase I and II ESA for Residential Home Developer in Fulshear, Texas

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Services Performed

As the Greater Houston area continues to grow, residential home developers have utilized ESE’s environmental services to assist them during their Due Diligence periods while navigating their prospective land purchases. ESE performed a Phase I ESA on approximately 143-acre property in a future master-planned community in the greater Houston area. As commonly found in the Houston area, the Site was formerly utilized for oil and gas exploration in the 1970s. With a Phase I and Phase II ESA prepared by ESE, the home developer was able to move forward with their land purchase with full confidence.


ESE’s experienced team conducted a review of regulatory data and historical documents that indicated that the Site was formerly utilized for oil and gas exploration. By cross-referencing data from the Railroad Commission of Texas and by utilizing GIS, ESE was able to determine the location of the dry hole on the Site.

Having identified an on-Site dry hole, ESE installed three (3) soil borings and converted them to temporary monitoring wells to gather samples from the Site. With ESE’s knowledgeable team and significant experience in the Houston area, ESE determined that the soil was consistent with typical background concentrations for regional soils.


With the increasing demand in housing in the Greater Houston area, ESE was able assist a home developer with their purchase of raw, undeveloped land for future residential development in a master-planned community.

ESE’s Phase I ESA complied with ASTM E1527-13 standards, thereby fulfilling one of the requirements for landowner liability protections.

With ESE’s reports, the client was able to ensure that the raw land was an environmentally viable opportunity for their next development.