Phase I ESA for Mixed-Use Development in Harris County, Texas

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Services Performed

Environmental Science and Engineering Partners, LLC (ESE) has conducted a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) on behalf of a Houston Area developer for a property located in Harris County. ESE performed a Phase I ESA in accordance with the ASTM E 1527-13 guidance document, Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessment: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment process. The purpose of the Phase I ESA is to identify any “recognized environmental conditions” associated with the Site as defined in the ASTM guidance, ASTM E 1527-13. The Phase I ESA included: (a) a historical records review; (b) a regulatory agency records review; and (c) a walk-through Site inspection and drive-by reconnaissance of the surrounding area. The Site consisted of over 50 acres of land currently developed for mixed use.


ESE reviewed information made available through the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) Public Geographic Information System (GIS) to determine whether or not oil and gas exploration activities have ever taken place within the Site boundaries and to identify the existence of possible onsite pipelines. According to the RRC GIS map, an in-service natural gas pipeline was located on the Site, and the pipeline markers were observed during the reconnaissance.

Additionally, a prior Phase I ESA report, completed by ESE for the western portion of the Site, was reviewed.

ESE concluded that the assessment of the Site revealed no evidence of recognized environmental conditions (RECs) in connection with the Site.